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Ti King

As the Marketing Director, I ensure that relationships and technology are working seamlessly together. I also serve as the chairperson of the Power Hour North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce leads group and as a boardmember of the NLR Young Professionals.

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My Story

I love to dig into the online presence of a client and help them solve issues with modern technology. I create, scale and optimize digital marketing materials and platforms. To accomplish this, I focus on key results, relationship building with customers and quickly adapting new insights.

I have enjoyed having the greatest clients all over Arkansas throughout my career in marketing and content creation. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself:

I can successfully create, scale and optimize the online presence for any client
- I put the client's brand at the center of all that I do.
- I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints.
- My gut instinct is good, but I seek data for my decisions.

I can align, lead and grow world-class marketing teams from 10 to 100 people.
- I am constantly learning because I never settle.
- I stay calm when faced with adversity.
- I focus on making high-quality decisions.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to me about emerging tech, creating digital content or website.

Professional Skills
Website Design and Management | Social Media Management | Website Traffic Analytics | Marketing Campaigning | Strategic Marketing Planning | Online Presence Development | Business Development | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Creative Content Creation

Domain Knowledge
Website Development Platforms | Social Media Platforms | Adobe Design Software | Small Business Software | Digital Marketing | Digital Advertising | Print Media Design Software