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The House of M: The Many Rooms of Digital Marketing

The methods used by businesses to establish their names in the minds of the average American have been evolving since the Big Bang of the introduction of the World Wide Web. Since that time, we have witnessed the Information Wars, the Rise of Zuckerberg, the Return of Instagram and the abominable Age of TikTok. How is anyone supposed to keep up their marketing strategy when the field is constantly shifting? There are a few easy steps to take that will keep you up to date on all of the online marketing trends that will create the most revenue for you.

First of all, you must download and use all forms of social media. Even if you decide that one platform is not for you, just using them will keep you educated about how your customers think, what they care about and what platforms they are using. Chances are, you’ve already let Facebook or Instagram into your home and that’s exactly how we want to think of them. A house is divided into a collection of rooms. If you look at a floor plan for your domicile, you might notice that each separate room is shaped and positioned a little differently to accommodate what the room is purposed for. For instance, a dining room is designed around one major piece of furniture- the table. Diners must be able to move comfortably around the chairs and have enough space to be seated without grinding against anything or anyone else in the process. Your business is the House That Marketing Built. Let’s take a walk through your palace of public commerce.


Your marketing actually begins before we even walk in the front door. The trading of email campaigns and lead collection is both the equivalent to cold calls and voluntary marketing. These emails drop off samples of important information about your business and why people need you. Recipients have the option to opt out at any time but a great email campaign will generate a great ROI.


The first room customers enter when they decide to open your door is your website. Here is your one chance to capture their attention and imagination. You have about 7 seconds to give them a reason to stay before they lose interest and leave. A clean and informative website will better project your vision and what you have to offer to the world. Your website is the gateway to your business. What you place here heavily affects how customers perceive your business.


This is where we establish ourselves among those whose respect we desire - other business owners. A very formal atmosphere and the most professional of attitudes are the rules of the room. The best play here is to make your pitch but also heavily focus on your successes, milestones and connections to the community. LinkedIn’s network building platform is great for creating a community of colleagues that you can support while receiving support.


Social media claims several spaces in the House of M and the most important may be Facebook. The comfortable yet aware feeling of this platform could make or break your business. What you say and do matters. The internet will never forget and everyone has a voice. Long gone are the days when a business could throw out a commercial and never hear from the consumers. Every post you make can either be loved and shared because of the great deal and personal connection it has or it can bring forth the wrath of an angry mob. Keeping a community-focused, goodwill keeping attitude consistently is key to forming a positive view of your business.


Facebook’s spastic cousin is sitting by the bar and letting loose. This platform is driven purely by photos and short clips. If your photos aren’t eye catching then you are wasting your time. This room is deceptively complicated in the House of M. There is no magical formula for success but there are a few tactics that should be used with every post. You should always include text describing the photo with a link to another portal of your sales funnel, add hashtags for that relate to the customers you want to attract and always include the name of the cities you want to serve.


Not technically a room, the water cooler is just as important. This is passers by whisper bits of information or their personal opinions on all things. This is not typically the best place to market your business unless you’re into being quirky. McDonalds and Burger King’s friendly rivalry on Twitter is a great example of how to have fun with marketing on a platform that limits the number of characters you can use in a post.

As you probably have noticed, the House of M looks a lot like your office building, which is completely fitting in that the reason your business exists is to provide a product or service to other businesses or the general public. When you have all of these marketing tools going at once and tied into a single system, you have a money printing machine. This is why your website is so important. It is the hub where we link all of your digital marketing outlets and maximize the customer impact. Your business isn’t reaching its full potential until you understand the rooms of the House of M.

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