Legal Services

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 Most businesses put off hiring a lawyer until the sheriff is standing at the door serving them with a summons. Bad mistake. The time to hook up with a good business lawyer is before you are sued. Once you have been served with a summons and complaint, it's too late--the problem has already occurred, and it's just a question of how much you will have to pay (in court costs, attorneys' fees, settlements and other expenses) to get the problem resolved.

From Our Director


"I have learned to listen to clients to hear their back story, to find the issues at the root of the problem they present to me, and then work with them, bringing in other professionals as necessary, to solve the whole problem and let them walk away more at peace"



We write and revise contracts of every type to ensure that you, your business, and your customers are protected.


Corporate Structure

We will design a structure that will save you a lot of headaches in the future. We work out how your business will be divided as your grow to protect your ownership


Non-Disclosure Agreements

Ensure that your employees can not take your customers with them.



It is important to set the internal rules for your organization. They create the structure of your company and help to make sure that it runs smoothly.



Being sure that you registered properly with state and federal agencies will prevent problems in the future and make you completely legal to operate.



In the case that you are ever facing allegations or being sued, you want to have a great attorney on your side..

Working with Ti was a wonderful experience. I've heard people mention how stressful rebranding can be, so I wasn't sure what to expect. ABE made the entire process a breeze. 

Chelsea Burton